The notion of the criminal mind may be much more productive than either the term 'sociopathy" or the term "anti social personality disorder".

In the setting of discussing the criminal mind, we should set out what it is that we wish to cure.

With reference to the section on existential fucntionality, we could have a relatively high expectation of the response of the criminal mind to psychiatric treatment.

But to provide an initial starting point, we need to look at what are the primary forms of etiology leading to recurrent criminality that allows us to deduce the presence of a criminal mind:

(1) Criminality as a consequence of social environment (socialized criminality)

(2) Criminality as a consequence of family environment (criminality within the family setting)

(3) Impulsivity in the context of developmental toxicities (such as exposures in utero to alcohol, tobacco, methamphetamine, cocaine, etc.). These are consequences of changes to neocortex or disturbances in the development of neocortex, particularly frontal neocortex.

(4) Affective illness features consistent with familial bipolar spectrum disorders.

(5) Thought disturbances that interfere with reality testing. (falling within this category inlcudes many patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, but who, rather, have disturbances of reality testing endemic to intellectual disabilities.)

(6) DIsturbances in affective processing that, on first glance, appear to be primary affective illnesses, but, on closer examination, appear to be illnesses of sustaining responses to affective input. These patients, by and large, are found with recurrent substance abuse and dependence problems.

These six categories of illness provide a comprehensive study of the etiology of the criminal mind.

Subsequent experiences in these populations can aggrevate the presenting condition. Examples of such subsequence modifiers include head injuries, toxicant exposures (such as methamphetamine or heroin), and episodes of cerebral anoxia linked to acute toxicoses.

These latter modifying factors may be difficult to disnentangle from the inital condition.

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