Mathematical testing of the numerical models of neurophysiologic response allows us to bridge the gap between current biological knowledge, and clinical observations.

To date, this has not occured, in large part as there has been the broad acceptance of numerical models that are ad hoc, that is to say, not based upon current science.

This acceptance has been driven by the puzzle of how to incorporate contemprary science into a scheme that has by and large only observer data.

Observer data in psychiatry, in turn, has rare linkage to absolate biological data.

However, ultimately, we are faced with the necessity of creating reproducible experimental data in clnical settings.

One of the most simple of all data is that which tends to be most commonly ignored, due to again, the puzzle as to how to incorporate it into a numerical model. This article is intended to provide some clarity in that.

Basic physiologic response of normal physiology to medications:

At the heart of every extrapolation of the effect of a medciation should be a clear description of its effect on an intact, non pathologic neurophysiology.

This is not intededed to provide data on adverse effects, but rather to demonstrate the expected course of non - pathologic physiologic adaptations.

This article will make specific links to models at this level.

Some of the possible models for this will include:

Immediate response of GABA system neurons to medications.

Cumulative effects on GABA system neurons to medications.

Response of syndrome:

The next step is to determine how illness syndromes either respond or could be expected to respond to treatment.

If we have a numerical model for how a compound produces a biological response when there is no illness present, and then we modify the numerical model based upon the hypothesised nature of the ilness, our hypothesis then becomes testable.

We really have no better current means of incorporating basic and current neurochemistry and neurophysiology into numerical models and testing those models without the utilization of meidcation, normal physiologic response, illness, and illness repsonse, in order to test our basic hypotheses about the nature of illness.

In addtion, we should be able to make modifications to numberical models that will imply each next step in the design of measurement of CNS responses (implicitly, the design of data capturing approaches).

In other words, some numerical model modifications will be more helful than others, and certain data collection approaches will be more helpful than others, in tems of lowering the number of poorly understood variables and factors seen in any given case or sets of cases.

Deductions about the nature of syndrome.

Deductions about the nature of similar syndromes

Response of illness

Deductions about the nature of illness

Deductions about the nature of similar illness

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